‚Zeffiretto amorosetto’

With this musical evening La Gioconda invites the audience to a journey with unhappy lovers. Pieces by Baldassare Galluppi, Antonio Caldara, Servaas de Koninck, Alessandro Scarlatti, Philipp Heinrich Erlebach und Georg Muffat show how different languages and cultures express unhappy love. The longing, begging, cursing, crying and laughing sounds different in Italy, Prague, the Netherlands or Germany.

‚El grillo é bon cantore’ 

A very natural evening with songs, Madrigals and Chansons from the 16. and 17. century with composers like Heinrich Albert, Clément Janequin, Josquin des Prez, Barbara Strozzi, Andrea Gabrieli or Bartolomeo Trombincini. The musicians guide through a garden of humorous, melancholy and loving pieces of the germain, italian and french baroque periode.

‚O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden’

With this famous choral ‚O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden’ by Johann Sebastian Bach in the centre of this programme La Gioconda tells the story of Jesus Christ’s crusade. Other pieces by Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann frame this touching choral and prepare for Easter. 

‚Ave Regina’ 

This evening of the ensemble puts the Vrigin Mary in the centre of the programme. Biblical words like ‘Ave Regina’ and ‘Pia mater fons amoris’ used as text for works by Johann Josef Fux will be performed. 

‚Jauchzet! Frohlocket! Der Himmel ist offen’ 

A Germain Christmas with Georg Philipp Telemann. Four cantatas from the Der Harmonische Gottesdienst from Advent until Christmas day can be heard in this humorous and contemplative programme. This programme has been recorded and is going to be published this year. 

‚Ihr Völker, hört!’ 

With further cantatas of the Harmonische Gottesdienst by Georg Philipp Telemann welcomes La Gioconda the new year and celebrates in the germain musical tradition.